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TRAX 3 - Signalling & Lever Frames

Unread postby Pannier Tank » Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:37 am

Anyone considering constructing a Fully Interlocked Lever Frame will find
"TRAX 3 - Signalling & Lever Frames" by Jeff Geary and published by Noodle Books
a very useful source of information. The book comes with a CD of useful programs to help design & test lever frames. ... 1906419612

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Re: TRAX 3 - Signalling & Lever Frames

Unread postby John Webb » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:35 pm

I've just bought a copy of this book and thought I'd expand on Pannier Tank's mention of this book

"Signalling and Lever Frames" by Jeff Geary, published 2011 by Noodle Books/Kevin Robertson Ltd, for £17.50, ISBN 978-1-906419-61-5. There are a number of photos of past and near-to-present installations and equipment which may of general interest, not just to modellers.

This book covers the basics of signalling, but concentrates on means of making mechanical and electrical locking systems to make the operation of your model railway closer to prototypical practice. The chapter headings are:
1. Different ways to run a railway DC, DCC, the lure of lever frames, DCC and lever frames
2. Signalling Principles Semaphore Signals, points, interlocking signals and points, facing point locks, electrical telegraph, block section working, single line working, track circuits etc.
3. Signalling Practice - illustrated chapter covering early smaphores to current colour lights.
4. Signalling a Model - looks at the factors influencing the need for signals on a model.
5. Building a Locking Lever Frame - includes the construction of tappet locking.
6. Relay Locking - Relay circuits to interlock signals and points.
7 & 8 the TRAX software - introduction and how to use the software.

There are several Appendicies looking at some examples of model lever frames, sources of information and materials, and useful websites (including this one!).
John Webb
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