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Unread postby Chris Osment » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:56 pm

davidwoodcock wrote:
On this website, if you scroll down to "Ground Signals", Chris Osment has provided sketches which illustrate these basic types of signals without actually showing every

To give the correct credit, the 'sketches' came from JH :-) Ironically that page has been modified since your comment was posted and one sketch now replaced by an actual photo!

Somehow I've managed to miss this topic previously, so I've had some interesting catching-up to do. Moon {sic) Valley??? - sounds fun! Seriously though, wooden dolly posts intrigues me.

As regards the allocation on Push-Pull levers, I would agree that there does not appear to be a convention as to which does which. My logical (?) mind suggests that it ought to be Pull for signals coming towards you and Push for signals going away.......
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