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Theft from Exeter West Signalbox

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Theft from Exeter West Signalbox

Unread postby Bob Davies » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:56 am

I regret to report that the 'No unauthorised entry' sign from the entry door to Exeter West box at Crewe Heritage Centre ("The Railway Age") was stolen overnight on 11th June.

The following comments are relevant. The plate is a replica, not a GW original, and had very recently been repainted in chocolate, with cream lettering, during an exterior repaint of the building. If the plate is still in its original state then it may well have traces of cream paint around the screw/bolt holes, as the dome-headed bolts that had been used to secure the plate to prevent its being removed from the outside had been picked out in cream during the repaint. The plate may also have traces of a silicone sealer on the back, as sealer had been applied around the edges to prevent rain percolating behind the plate and damaging the wooden door.

If anyone should be offered such a plate or come across one in this condition, please let me know via a PM.

Thank you.
Bob D
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Bob Davies
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