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Crewe, The Scissors Crossing

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Crewe, The Scissors Crossing

Unread postby Lovelock-Crewe » Mon Jul 9, 2012 5:15 pm

Looking through the 1960 Sectional Appendix as it applied to the station environs at Crewe, no mention was made of the Scissor Xing.

I understand from anecdotal evidence, discussions with persons at Crewe that the box was somewhere over (elevated) what was until 1985 platforms 4 & 5 (No. 5 never changed its name). I wonder what the purpose of such a box was, obviously apart from operating the scissors. Perhaps the scissors were post 1960 operated from the North or South Jct boxes or even abolished. (Stations A & B were on the Down Side and well removed from being able to operate scissors on what is now the up and down fasts and the slows (platform loops).

Perhaps the scissors had had their day by 1960?
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Branch line box
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