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Wymondham - Hethersett temporary key token.

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Wymondham - Hethersett temporary key token.

Unread postby Richard Pike » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:25 pm

I think just about everybody has a Wymondham - Hethersett key token in their collection but an oddity has shown up.. ... hotostream

I'm sure this key was added to the set when the keys were being used between Soham and Chippenham Junction. ... t&lb=1&s=A

The other keys were originally Soham - Barraway and i suspect they were plated and used between Newmarket and Warren Hill. At some stage Warren Hill was machined out and replaced with Chippenham Junc. Later still the instruments and tokens were reused between Chippenham Junc and Soham. One of the keys in the above photo clearly shows new engraving where Soham has replaced Newmarket on the key. What marvellous, well travelled keys they are. Are they the most reworked keys ever?
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