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Aberystwyth - Vale of Rheidol Light.

Unread postby MRFS » Mon Jan 7, 2013 5:03 pm

I am slowly working down my list of outstanding signalling enigmas, but one that keeps cropping up is the original installation at the original Aberystwyth station of the VoR.

There are odd references around to an 8 lever Pease frame [1] with a fixed distant, home and starter, but there are very few photographs around looking south-ish from the station building: has anyone seen a photograph that confirms the layout of this frame (as in where the levers are in relation to the track) or the apportionment of the levers? Unfortunately it seems that the relevant MT6 files for the inspections for the signalling installations has gone walkies or is mis-catalogued.

The 'usual suspects' - Boyd, CC Green and Peter Johnson are not much help in their photographs and the records are internally inconsistent: CCG records a tablet-released lever and separate trap lever for the Harbour branch; but PJ records one lever only.

As well as the general area looking over the yard south towards the river Rheidol, the area around the Loco Shed looking towards the Manchester and Milford bridge seems to be particularly poorly served, especially with regard to the pre BRWR regroundframing in the early 50s.

Can anyone help with photographs that show a hint of point rodding, perhaps - please?

[1] 7 in use, but the number of connections and the potential use of economics confuse the issue somewhat.
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