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Unread postby Chris Osment » Mon May 20, 2013 12:30 pm

The SRS SR Box Register lists the section Exmouth Jcn - Topsham as being worked by Sykes Lock&Block until 1944, then changed to SR 3-position block i/c/w the opening of the intervening Newcourt box. Certainly it was the latter in the late 1960s, but.......

In SRS Research Note 41 there is a copy of a BR(S) diagram for Topsham which, although undated, is clearly for the BR period (and may be after closure of the Quay branch in 1957) and states specifically that it is Sykes L&B to Newcourt. So, when was this changed?

There is a reference to the change happening in 1959 in the Middleton Press book on the branch; MP are not the most accurate of references, but it is intriguing that they seem to have picked up that info from somewhere.

Can anyone throw any light on this matter please?
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