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Christmas Day Trains, 1964

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Christmas Day Trains, 1964

Unread postby Lovelock-Crewe » Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:20 am

I have a train register from Euxton Balshaw Lane, 1964 which details the extent of Christmas Day running. Certainly a lot going south after midnight Christmas Eve (Express) although whether all made it to Euston one can perhaps only guess. Wasnt a decision made after that Christmas not to run trains on Christmas Day, although perhaps the block posts were open. I recall a signalman at Weston Rhyn saying the box was switched in (probably 1965-9) Christmas Day "just in case" they wanted to run any trains and he had his Christmas dinner fetched in by the wife. Incidentally, BR adoped the 24 hour clock in 1964. Some boxes penned in the metric hours below the minutes on the Victorian clocks!
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