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Closure of Magpie Grove

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Closure of Magpie Grove

Unread postby GarthTilt » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:22 pm

This box which was the first to be installed on the L&MN Section from Old Castle Crossing to Cross Hands, does not appear in the K2 Sec.'C' item for the closure of adjacent Sandy Junction and Cynheidre boxes on 25 Feb. 1968. The box could switch out (Single line long & short token working). There is a H.C.Casserley photo from a rail tour on 25 Sep,1965 that clearly shows the passing loop out of use and the box with netting applied to the windows and the signals pulled off.
It is still listed in the Swansea Operating District Supplement No.4 to the Sectional Appendix, dated Oct.1966. Does anyone know any more?
Branch line box
Branch line box
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