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Unread postby GarthTilt » Thu Jul 6, 2017 2:25 pm

Whenever a new book appears on branch/secondary lines I always look to see what information is put in on operating and signalling. Rarely is the subject thoroughly researched and especially the 1960's when more happened in that decade than ever before. An attractive new book on the above lines still leaves the vexing question as to when various boxes were closed and what method of working was in use at the time. As an example, when did Swansea Station box close? Supplementary Operating Instructions for the period suggest Jan. 1959. It would appear that when the new bridge linking the SV line to the VofN line at Eastern Depot was opened in connection with the 'Swansea East Side Road Scheme' it was a single Goods Line to Harbour Branch Sidings worked by Interlocking levers between there and Swansea Eastern Depot in the Spring of 1962. Can anyone confirm this? Also the closure dates of Morriston North, Upper Bank Sidings and Six Pit Junction are also outstanding.
Branch line box
Branch line box
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