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Brayford Crossing, Lincoln

Unread postby Lincolnshire_Poacher » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:02 pm

Hi all!
I was simply wondering if anyone could provide me with a description of how Brayford crossing was operated prior to its conversion to a CCTV crossing? I am aware that the crossing itself was operated from a six-lever ground frame released from East Holmes, but it also appears that this ground frame slotted several of East Holmes' signals in order to protect the crossing when the box was switched out. The confusion for me arrises when the box is switched in; would the crossing keeper at Brayford still operate the signal slots as normal, or was there some special locking employed so that the crossing keeper did not need to work the slots when the box was switched in?
Any information is appreciated as always!
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Re: Brayford Crossing, Lincoln

Unread postby alancolq » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:23 pm

Hi - there should be others able to give a better / more definitive answer than me but having looked at the East Holmes diagram (one or two versions on-line) my assumption would be that Brayford Crossing only operated the signals (slots) when East Holmes was switched out. On one of the diagrams, East Holmes lever 21 is shown as "switching out lever fitted with Annets lock". I would assume that this lever would be reversed on switching out, in turn releasing an Annets key which was probably taken to Brayford Crossing and used to unlock a release lever on the ground frame there, allowing the crossing keeper to operate the signal levers on the GF. As I say, this is only a theoretical assumption on my part! While I was fortunate enough to visit Pelham Street while the flat crossing for the St Marks line was still in use (in 1978 or 1979 from memory), I was unable to visit East Holmes. I hope the answer will be forthcoming!! All the best, Alan
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Re: Brayford Crossing, Lincoln

Unread postby StevieG » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:58 pm

Also without knowing East Holmes, I concur with Alan.
Having slots would infer a situation of some sort of dual control.
But the Brayford setup suggests some sort of 'transfer of control' arrangement.
That could be achieved by having two weight bars beside each other (separately worked from each control point), with both having some sort of direct connection to the stop arm, and which at a glance might have appeared to have been a form of proper slotting.
I was familiar with a one-time somewhat similar arrangement of GNR origin where one box took over control of a few key signals of another box when the latter switched out, but over which it normally had no control.

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