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Unusual modern colour light signal

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Unusual modern colour light signal

Unread postby scarpa » Sun Feb 5, 2017 9:04 pm

When travelling on the GWR in the down direction approaching Patchway New Tunnel ,the down line is on a high bank and you look down on the up line.Before entering the single bore tunnel looking down on the up line the existing colour light has been renewed with a signal nearer the up line tunnel on what appears to be straight track but unbeknowing curves sharply inside the tunnel.The new signal is a straight post close to the up main with a left hand bracket say 3 ft. approx. to the left supporting the LED signalhead.Perhaps due to the cutting rock face they did not want to disturb the ground and the signal is sighted at a point in the tunnel . Sadly no ladder provided.Signal number 5140 forgot what the prefix letters are !
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Re: Unusual modern colour light signal

Unread postby LAMPMAN » Mon Feb 6, 2017 1:15 pm

The Signal number is BL1540 and is controlled from the Stoke Gifford workstation at Didcot TVSC.

The Signal is designed that way to give the Driver better sighting also a lot of the new signals don't have ladders as they are designed that the head can be wound down.
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