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Re: Stevens 'knee' frames with 'weighted' levers

Unread postby Mackay » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:26 am

The frame seen at the NRM (accession No. 2002-8468) is shown on their lists as "Stevens, 2 turnover levers 1867" although there is no information on its origins. It was on display at Queen Street (York) in the 1930s so that, plus the magic word "wedges" are strongly suggestive of the NER. There was indeed a frame very similar to this at Ingleby (see the NER Signalling History book p.72) though it only had 7 levers. The lever plates on the NRM frame don't have anything helpful like "Distant Signal from Picton" as at Ingleby. They read as follows:
1 Up Distant Signal; 2 Up Home Signal; 3 Up Advance Signal; 4 Facing Point Wedges; 5 Through Crossing Facing & Safety Points [plus a plate above "Pull 4"]; 6 Through Crossing Facing & Safety Points [plus a plate above "Pull 7"]; 7 Through Crossing Facing & Safety Points [plus a plate above "Pull 8"]; 8 [the figure 8 is not shown] Facing Points Wedges; 9 Down Advance Signal; 10 Down Home Signal; [plate on lever 11 missing]. This could be single or double line, though the "through crossings" all appear to have the provision for wedging, so perhaps single line after all. The North Yorkshire & Cleveland frames such as Ingleby were in place when the route was surveyed in 1876 prior to the introduction of block working, so an 1867 date for the frame at the NRM is plausible.
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