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Unread postby Flipper_T_Rox » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:46 pm

Hi all,

Another in my periodic trawls for arcane information . . .

Does anybody have access to, or know somewhere/someone who might, any photographs showing the locking rooms of any signal boxes on the GCR's London Extension ?

We are most especially interested in any showing the standard RSCo lever frames installed by that contractor in the original boxes on that line in 1897/98, but that is not to say that later frames and or structures would not be of interest to us.

Photographs of the operating floors of these boxes are like hen's teeth. Photographs of the locking rooms are non-existent.

As a further ask, if anyone likewise has any drawings which show any details / dimensions / general arrangements for the laying out of the main components on an RSCo frame (or even of a derivative such as the L&Y's standard frame) of the period of, say, 1885 to 1910, then we would also be delighted for a sight of them.

We are reverse engineering a full set of drawings for one of the long extinct all-timber Type 4 boxes, and whilst we have nearly completed those for the structure (extrapolated from elements of the brick Type 4 at Loughborough North, photographs, invoices and even archaeological digs) and the lever frame (taken from the dismantled components of 90% of the sole (known) surviving original LE frame); there are several possible ways of integrating the frame into the structure of the box. It would be nice to be able to say that we had settled on the "proper" way.

Many thanks for your time,


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