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METRA TOWER A-2 (Western Ave)

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Re: METRA TOWER A-2 (Western Ave)

Unread postby Bob Davies » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:17 pm

Another fascinating location very clearly described. Thanks Mike.

What intrigues me with this one is that there are three different signalling systems in close proximity. Do some drivers have to drive over all these routes and are there any signal indications which actually convey different meanings depending on the (former) Railroad involved? I can see that the position lights are distinctive and cannot be confused but with all the others (including the subsequent modifications by Conrail and METRA) there must be a mass of different indications in this area.

Also, one of your photos shows a Delay in Block sign. Is this just to remind drivers when starting off in case they received a Approach indication at the last signal and why it is necessary to warn a driver about the aspect of the next signal when it is clearly visible when starting?

I look forward to Part 2!
Bob D
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