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Bull Runs

Unread postby Puro_pt » Sun Oct 7, 2012 1:45 am

A curiosity:

Last Thursday, returning from my two days off i was confronted with the TSR chart below. The chart basicly has all temporary speed restrictions in the lisbon suburban area and it comes from an old practice, once only done in the Sintra Line, where any TSR on the Sintra line after 48 hours at the drivers depot became permanent and thus dispensing the issue of a speed restriction paper to each train. Meanwhile, this has evolved, ATP appeared and this has spread to all the suburban trains of Lisbon and in fact became a redundancy. Nowadays only if the TSR has ATP beacons there won't be the need for a warning given individually to each train.
Looking at the chart, left to right, you have the line, the tracks (A=up / D=down (I=Internal/E=External) /U=Single (Unique)); Kilometric point of begining (Inicio) / KP End (Fim) / Speed / Original speed / Length / Date of Beginning / Date End / Convel (ATP) Yes / No / Notes

And inside the red square you have a speed restriction of 30 km/h (it doesn't say but i think the normal speed it is 60 over there due to pedestrian crossings) and in notes it says the times and a note "Feira de Outubro" which translates to October's Fair... Scratched my head and by the PK guessed it was Vila Franca de Xira (VFX), namely this bit here where a road runs along the line and is where they make the bull runs...

So basicly this is a TSR due to bull runs as it has happened that people prefer to jump into the track instead of facing the bull. In the old days, when VFX was controlled locally, the station master would set the home signal of the station, which was near the Bull ring, to the POSA*** (in our case Red + lunar) and problem solved. But today the station is a mere halt with no interference on circulation so they had implement this to avoid problems... you may ask what sort of problems? well this sort:

due to this:

You can see the block signals and the fence with bareely no space to the track... ... 9273_n.jpg

here you get it better!

*** - I loved the investigation of NR regarding the introduction of the POSA... they looked for examples from all around Europe to set the standards for POSA and ended up with a POSA regulations quite similar to the Portuguese one, which they did not sample... go figure!

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