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Unread postby ge.signals » Thu Aug 7, 2014 11:08 am

Re: gmag's contribution in Signalling - Historical where he wrote: "The gate house it had two wheels in side to close the gates looking towards Ponders end station the gate on the left opened left and the one on the right opened to the right, it was great in there smelled of oil all the time spent many an hour in there with the gate keeper as i lived in the crossing cottage until 1964."

I found this particularly interesting as I often visited Ponders End signal box and on many occasions rang the bell to Duck Lees Lane for the gates to be shut across the roadway but never knew exactly what happened there. Does anyone know what type of gate wheels were there, and did each have its own gate-lock lever? Also, how did the lock and release to/from Ponders End work - was there a ground-frame with two gate-lock levers and a third 'switch' lever with an electric Locked/Free indicator?

I have photos of the Ponders End parts but nothing on Duck Lees Lane itself: would love to know the details after all these years!
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