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Ufton : Ten Years On

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Ufton : Ten Years On

Unread postby StevieG » Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:08 am

May I recommend, to all involved, affected, or interested, in the safety, accidents, incidents, "Close calls" ('near misses'), and investigations regarding level crossings, the following article.

While trying to catch up on unread railway mags. I found, in "Rail" Issue 761, (12th - 25th Nov. 2014), an article therein which I found very good and thought-provoking.
It's 7-pages, with photos, titled "Ufton Nervet: memories of crash tragedy", by Paul Clifton.

[ That event was on 06th Nov. 2004, when the 17;35 Down ex-Paddington, First Great Western HST, on the 'Berks & Hants Direct' line, whilst travelling between Theale and Aldermaston stations (between Reading and Newbury) , collided with a car deliberately stopped on Ufton AHB crossing by its occupant who apparently wanted to end it all.
The train was derailed but remained upright until encountering facing points not far beyond, which caused it to then deviate, overturn with vehicles separating and most or all of the train becoming seriously damaged :
7 Fatalities (Including the train and car drivers) ; 12 seriously injured ; 108 others injured.]

This article explores the rescue & recoveries, aftermath, investigation, inquests, affected families and local campaigners, and what's happened since regarding the thinking and attitudes to level crossing safety.
The author states that there have since been four further fatalities at tis crossing.
I found this article very interesting, and would commend finding and reading it, to all involved in crossings in any way.

PHOTO: Ufton in happier days.

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