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The Rules

Unread postby John Hinson » Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:06 pm

Before posting messages, please acquaint yourself with the topics below.

Information for new users

Posting images
Non-compliant pictures will be removed.

Posting links

Those unable or unwilling to comply with the size guidelines will find their avatars removed permanently.

Please post your message in a civil manner - postings with political overtones, referring to people in a derogatory manner or containing vulgarities will not be tolerated.

This is an English-speaking forum - do not post in any other language.

Additionally, please try and avoid wandering off the subject of the topic - if you wish to digress, start a new thread on the subject. This makes in much easier for those interested in specific items to follow them.

This forum is not the place to use to advantage to promote products or web sites. Items for sale or services offered, if related to railway signalling, may be advertised free of charge on the Exchange Sidings part of this web site: . Promotion of your auction sales via Ebay is expressly prohibited.

If you have a web site of signalling interest, please drop John Hinson a line through the Contact page at , to apply for its inclusion on the Links page of this web site at . Note that sites with undescribed or uncredited photographic content will not normally be linked to.

If relevant, you may, of course, refer to your web site when responding to questions raised on the subject by others.

You may include your URL in your signature.

It is not permitted to use this service to promote petitions or make political comments.

Please use the PM system for person-to-person conversation rather than the forum.

Please try and reduce my workload by following these simple guidelines.

John Hinson
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