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Unread postby John Hinson » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:57 pm

This forum primarily covers British signalling, as does the main web site. However, other areas of interest and fringe subjects are catered for in recognition of the demand.

British signalling is catered for under two categories - historical and current. Signalling in other countries is covered under a loose heading of overseas. Given that the signalling (and railway operations in general) in Northern Ireland seem to be more comparable to that in Eire, it seems appropriate to include Northern Ireland in the overseas category.

There is a category for heritage railways - this section can also be used for discussion on museums and signalling simulators. (Computer software simulations will probably have their own discussion forum).

Technical talk on signalling can be discussed under S&T Department.

Level crossings seem to be a hot subject and these have their own category. This section is solely for the reasoned discussion of the technical aspects of level crossing protection and the like. The posting of links to pictures of amusement, blood and gore or pure stupidity is not permitted.

If you have a query or problem with the forum, please post under about this forum. If you feel the above arrangements could be improved upon you are welcome to suggest changes there. However, the present system has proved itself to work well and changes would need to be a significant improvement to justify altering a well established system.

In July 2010 a new section was added for specific discussion about the Signalling Record Society's RailRef system, Engineers' Line References etc..

There is currently no provision for non-signalling discussion.

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