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Please don't spoil things!

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Please don't spoil things!

Unread postby John Hinson » Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:41 am

This has been said before but it seems necessary to say it again, with a little amplification:
  • Please do not post silly comments and quips that do not contribute to the subject in any way. By all means have a chuckle at the same time as posting useful information but non-contributary postings are not appropriate.
  • Please do not post person-to-person comments that would be better dealt with by PM (Private Message).
  • Please do not go off at a tangent and "hijack" somebody else's discussion. Start a separate thread.
  • Please do not post anything other than facts when discussing accidents and mishaps, conjecture could cause offence to those directly involved
Remember that this forum is building into a splendid searchable resource sharing a massive amount of knowledge. Postings such as the above have no place there and I delete them or lock the topic to prevent further discussion. If we can just keep to the subject and avoid pointless postings, these standards can remain high.

The minority who make postings of this sort on a regular basis may find their membership suspended in order to reduce my workload.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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