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Unread postby John Hinson » Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:18 pm

I have touched on this before, but it seems to have had little effect.

Nit-picking publicly over other people's postings is unnecessary and un-called for. Recently I have noticed:
  • corrections of spelling errors which are obvious to all
  • comments on messages being posted in the wrong forum
  • comments on the inappropriacy of the subject line
  • comments relevant to one person only being made to the forum

In many cases genuine mistakes are made by new subscribers to the forum who are not familiar with the intricacies. Such an attitude hardly welcomes them and in several cases over time I have noticed they have never participated in the forum again. For me there is no worse forum than one that is monopolised by a snooty "in crowd" with new members finding themselves put down for participating. Anybody with relevant input is welcome here.

Nor is it, in my opinion, right to criticise those who do not have the same level of knowledge of the English language or of computer keyboards as others might. It doesn't mean that person doesn't have useful knowledge to contribute.

I will manage postings and adjust and move postings as required. That is my job and not yours. If you feel strongly about a posting please contact me privately. I do not see any place for comments of this sort to be made publicly.

Thank you.

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