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If you have changed your Email address

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If you have changed your Email address

Unread postby John Hinson » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:29 pm

If you have changed your email address but not updated it in your User Control Panel, you may find that you cannot log in.

This is because an email sent to you by the forum* has bounced, indicating that your email address no longer exists. It is a requirement of this forum that you maintain an active email address so your account will have been de-activated.

Unfortunately, the re-activation emails sent to you will be sent to the old address which will not help your problem! To have your re-activation email sent to your new address, please contact me and include the following information:
  1. Your Username
  2. Your old (defunct) email address
  3. Your new email address

I can then update the records and initiate the process to send you the re-activation email so that you can liven your account.

I can be contacted through the "Telegraph the Signalman" link on the main web site at


* - such as a topic notification, or an occasional service email to all users
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