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Penymount Junction - RhE/WHHR.

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Penymount Junction - RhE/WHHR.

Unread postby MRFS » Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:45 pm

A slightly different form of modelling today.

After seeing a couple of pix (with apologies to RAH(I) and +PDR, who will have already seen this) the other day, I spent yesterday afternoon idly musing (modelling if you like) about the traffic arrangements at Penymount when the layout is fully signalled. I did this partly for two reasons - I've always been interested where a junction has a section on the branch terminating at an intermediate point on the main line - I think the Tanat had somewhere like that, but in more recent times there were the examples of Timboon Junction and Mortlake Junction. I was also entertained by this signal LINK which appears to be a motorised, floodlit yellow disc. This I like enormously!

Following on from that, there was also a picture of an RSCo Knee frame inside the new PyM box, with one Annett's Key visible and lever 6 painted black with 7 in what might be construed to be red undercoat - LINK - so from that I got thinking about a nice little 'box that is a logical development of the present route setting push button frame; retaining and maximising the functions that are already motorised and attempting to retain the flexibility that exists at present at Penymount.

Points X are normally padlocked for the loop and worked by a removeable hand lever, Points Z are the runround points and worked by a throwover lever - clearly this functionality would need to be kept to allow runrounds to take place without opening the frame - in fact the present pushbutton layout might be able to be retained as a slave panel to the lever frame. When routes from the RhE are called the bolt locks come into play.

I imagined the frame as having two parts - the RhE and the WHH side. WHH levers 1 - 4 would be unlocked by the Annett's lock visible on the end of the frame using the WHH master, levers 5, 6, 7 would be unlocked by the RhE Master into an Annett's lock on lever 4.

I think what I've sketched out might just about work - it is purely a work of fiction. There is an element of assumed knowledge about RhE 'ladybirds'.

Take a look: HERE.
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