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Docks Storage Sth-North East Jc-South East Jc.

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Docks Storage Sth-North East Jc-South East Jc.

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Cardiff Docks. In August 1976 Splott Junction was remodelled, the Beach Line plus all the Marshalling and Tidal Sidings, together with the Tremorfa Works and Foreshore Lines were slewed into new connections worked by North East Jc.SB.
away from South East Jc. The Beach line became a new Up & Down Main Single line from Dock Storage South, the existing Up and Bute Lines were taken out of use. South East Jc SB only lasted until 7 March, 1977. Does anyone know what signalling survived there after the Splott Jc remodelling? Photos, diagrams, notices?
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