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Lever for signal 20

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Lever for signal 20

Unread postby Chris Osment » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:47 pm

A contact of mine has recently inherited the lever shown here which appears to me to come from a Stevens frame. Two questions arise from this photo:-

1. It was alleged to have come from (a box at) Eastleigh. [I wondered if in fact it just came out of the stores there having been recovered from somewhere else further afield] It appears not to be the East box according to the SRS diagram and sadly they do not have a diagram for the West box. Nor would it seem to originate from any other box local to that area. It was probably acquired by the previous owner by the late-1960s at the latest. Is there anyone with more familiarity with the boxes in that area who could suggest a possible location please? A bit of a long-shot, I know, but worth asking!

2. The description plate has been fitted using one of the holes for the original Stevens 'square' brass plates. As can be seen, it projects over the catch block when that is raised. From looking at photographs that seems to be characteristic of frames where just a few plates have been replaced at odd times. Where there has been a complete replacement of all the plates, then they appear to be a bit higher up - clear of the catch-block. Is that just a trick of the camera angle, or were new holes drilled in all the levers in such cases?
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