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Rhyl Down Platform & Loop 1950s-60s

Unread postby Lovelock-Crewe » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:34 pm

Have this morning bought two small b/w photos of the 1950s type from Rhyl Coin & Stamp, taken from the Vale Road Bridge looking towards Holyhead and I wonder if anyone can help to date them. They look to have been taken on the same day.

A post with two semaphone shunting arms (smaller than the home signal) above and below facing for movements in the Up Direction which appear to relate to either the Down Platform Loop (back platform; not the Down Platform) or the line immediately to the South. Below on the same post is the weight / counterbalance for a missing arm.

The Down Platform buildings at the London end appear to be in the process of demolition as is the roof/ awning. Apart from the Down Platform Loop and the line immediately to the South, separating the station from the Yard, there appear to be 4 lines in the yard before a warehouse which has writing on the London gable end "..?/ ...OUSE".

I hope to put them in the Flintshire Record Office with my existing collection and a date would be great.

Incidentally with them is a 1970s? p/c of the Rhyl Monorail.
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