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Connington 1961

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Connington 1961

Unread postby Mike Hodgson » Thu Feb 2, 2017 1:03 pm

I was re-reading this accident report on the series of 3 collisions which occurred in fog near Wood Walton signalbox (switched out at the time) ... on1961.pdf

The report lists (on page 3) the register entries for all the trains involved, and I noticed that the Down Class C goods (running on the Down Main) is shown at Abbots Ripton as Accepted under Reg 4 as one would expect but under Reg 5 at Connington South. Given that the investigation was all about permissive working on Goods Lines adjacent to high speed main lines and widespread driver confusion as to which sections were AB Slow Lines and which were PB Goods Lines, it seems surprising that the report only comments that the two registers correspond closely. From the other details about the running of that train, no doubt this is an error, possibly in the Connington South register or more likely in the production of the report.
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