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TST Working at Barnstaple GWR

Unread postby Chris Osment » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:22 pm

The various sections around the triangle of lines between the SR and GWR stations at Barnstaple were worked by Train Staff & Ticket. According to a GWR WTT Appendix (sadly undated, as my copy has lost its cover, but from its content can be deduced as probably 1940s period) the sections were as follows:-

East Loop – Barnstaple: Red staff (summer only)
East Loop – South Loop: White staff (summer only)
Barnstaple – South Loop: Yellow staff (summer only)
South Loop - Barnstaple Jcn East: Blue staff (summer only)
Barnstaple - Barnstaple Jcn East: Red staff (winter only)

However on page 104 of his book “Cleaner to Controller” WJ Gardner makes reference to these sections, but describes them as follows:

East Loop – Barnstaple: Hexagonal Yellow
East Loop – South Loop: Round Red
Barnstaple – South Loop: Triangular Green
South Loop - Barnstaple Jcn East: Oblong Blue

He makes no mention of the ‘winter section’ Barnstaple - Barnstaple Jcn East.

Given the ‘colour’ discrepancy in three of the sections, was Gardner simply wrong, or did the sections all get re-equipped with new staffs (and tickets) at some date for some reason?
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