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Tondu Middle

Unread postby GarthTilt » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:59 am

The existing Tondu signal box (originally Tondu Middle) received its present GW VT 5 bar frame in place of its GW Double Twist frame in 1963 i/c/w the abolition of both Tondu Velin Vach and Tondu South boxes. Curiously Velin Fach box had only received a new frame in 1952. The new signal box diagram for Tondu was drawn considerably earlier in 1955. On the line towards Bridgend careful examination of an office copy clearly shows evidence of a crossover and possible connection to a Down siding already rubbed off. The order for the frame lists the spare levers and suggests these connections were to be included. So, why was the installation delayed for so long, for some eight years? Was the frame stored at Cogan S&T depot during this time? Finally, does anyone know the whereabouts of a numbered diagram for the double twist frame which survived until 1963? Can anyone help.
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