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Re: Bromsgrove

Unread postby Mike Stone » Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:39 pm

The bus changes were postponed to 30th June, unusually a Wednesday, but as I read this news item that won't happen.
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Re: Bromsgrove

Unread postby Train approaching » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:05 pm

I went to have a look at the new station today but Platform 4 has yet to open(no track!) and it was mentioned that P4 will become the down through platform(with P1 becoming the Up through platform?) Does anyone know when P4 is expected to open? It was also mentioned that it is hoped that XC trains will stop there in due course to make it easier for passengers wanting to travel to Cheltenham and beyond. Also, does anyone know a date for when the OLE will go up, even if it's not live? I noticed a compound has been created along the LIckey in connection with the electrification work.
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Re: Bromsgrove

Unread postby The Planner » Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:29 am

OLE isn't until next year, very much doubt that XC will stop anything extra there. Possibly a Cardiff train but they aren't that excited about the possibility of stopping at Worcestershire Pwy either. P4 will the down through, P1 will be the freight loop.
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Re: Bromsgrove

Unread postby John Hinson » Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:39 am

Topic locked as has drifted a long way from the subject of signalling. If anybody has anything relevant to post, please contact myself or any moderator to have the topic unlocked.

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