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Track circuit failure caused tram derailment

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Track circuit failure caused tram derailment

Unread postby John Webb » Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:44 pm

The RAIB have issued their report ( on the derailment of a tram in Croydon in February 2012. Their summary reads:

"On Friday 17 February 2012 at about 06:23 hrs, a westbound tram derailed after passing over facing points as it approached the platform at East Croydon. The tram was running one minute behind the tram ahead, and was routed left to follow it towards platform 3. As the tram travelled forwards at low speed, the points moved under its leading bogie, forcing its centre and rear bogies right towards platform 2. The centre bogie derailed as the routes diverged. Approximately 100 passengers were detrained close to the platform. There were no reported injuries.
The main cause of this accident was that a track circuit failed to respond to an approaching tram and lock the points to prevent movement. The track circuit was not correctly adjusted and the rail head may have been contaminated with silt. The RAIB also found that system integration was inadequate.
The RAIB has made three recommendations to London Tramlink that focus on operational and signalling arrangements, the control of silt and rail head contamination, and track circuit settings."
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