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A contemporary perspective of GWR signalling by A Jackson

Unread postby Tulyar15 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:37 pm

Has anyone bought this book? I saw it to-day on sale at The Welshpool and Llanfair Railway. It purports to by a record of all surviving GWR signalboxes on Network Rail. It's divided into chapters on a line by line basis. Each chapter contains a description of every signalbox on the line in question.

I read the article on Malvern Wells. Whilst it states that the section from there to Ledbury is worked under token less block it does not mention Lock and Block. For me the deal breaker was the fact that two of the captions to the accompanying photographs are completely wrong. That for Picture 118 reads "A class 170 DMU approaching Great Malvern". Anyone familiar with the location will know that the train is heading away from Great Malvern and is passing the Down Home, signal MW38. Likewise the caption for Picture 117 states: "Having terminated at Great Malvern, an empty DMU has arrived at the site of Malvern Wells station and is now going to reverse into the Down Good Loop". But from the picture it is clear that that as the crossover has been changed to allow the DMU to cross over to the Up Line and the relevant dummy on the elevated pair has been pulled off for this move. I've never seen a train reverse into the Down Goods Loop. They just run them straight into it from the Down Outer Home.

If the rest of the books is as bad then it gets the thums down from me.
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