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Unread postby Adrian Crafer » Thu Oct 5, 2017 10:58 am

I have been asked by a number of Heritage Railways for spare parts for Token Machines, so I expect over the coming months to be manufacturing a number of spares, and possibly some complete GWR machines. Some Tyers spares parts will also be available, though at this stage I am not sure whether any Tyers machines will be available, possibly some No. 9s as some parts are common to the GWR machines.

In particular I will be manufacturing a batch of Galvonometers, these because of the need to have parts made in "Swedish Iron" will not be particularly cheap. The Galvonometers are essentially the same for both GWR and all Tyers Token machines, the significant difference is how the fixing is arranged, so they will either be supplied blank of fixing holes or finished as required prior to despatch.

If any one is interested in any parts for any Token Machine, please PM me for details.

Adrian Crafer
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