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Seventeen years ago today...

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Seventeen years ago today...

Unread postby AndyB » Thu May 23, 2013 7:22 am

I found an old Irish Rail weekly operating notice the other day, and realised it was for this very week in 1996.

On Thursday 23rd May 1996, Dundalk Central cabin closed at 0900 and was "demolished" immediately - the top half was actually removed intact rather than demolished (it was later moved to its current site in the middle of the island platform), but the bottom half was razed to the ground the same day.

At the same time, all pointwork still connected to the Central cabin was disconnected, leaving Dundalk North, which had only been switched in for engineering work for years as it controlled the north trailing crossover, with two working levers - 3 in the Up direction (three-aspect colour light, yellow disabled) and 17 (semaphore) - a new fixed distant being set at braking distance from No. 17. Sections were Dunleer (itself normally switched out, long section to Drogheda, but I think switched in for this entire weekend)-Dundalk North and Dundalk North-Newry (switched out at quiet times, long section to Poyntzpass)

On the Saturday night, the line closed. It reopened with a new layout at 1800 on the Sunday afternoon with a VDU panel in Dundalk North cabin, but the lever frame remained in place with hoops round all lever handles.

Dundalk North cabin no longer exists, having been demolished a few years ago.
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