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Yarrabandai MLI A

Unread postby stevej » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:22 am

During a recent trek west, I discovered an interesting Main Line Indicator at a location called Yarrabandai, 505 kms west.
MLIs are utilized in Train Order Territory and are distinct from normal running signals. An MLI is utilized where a level crossing has track circuited protection. Pulsating lunar white indication for Clear, Red for Stop, and where a second MLI exists, yellow for Caution. Yarrabandai MLI A prompted me to stop and investigate when noticing the Turnout Indicator attached. Single Light turnout indicators are utilized where points are remotely controlled. The normal point operation within Train Order Territory is manual via a key and groundframe. Or key and pushbutton where the points are motorized.
The turnout indicator intrigued me, and I have since discovered that the loop points at Yarrabandai are radio controlled.
This being an innovation in 2010 to reduce delay time at certain crossing loops.
However, unlike the Single Light turnout indicator with the row of three slanted small yellows, the MLI turnout indicator has a slanted row of three small lunar whites. I do wonder at the introduction of this radio control system. There being only the two passenger trains operating west to Broken Hill; the once per week Indian Pacific plus the once per week Broken Hill Xplorer service. As to freight trains, again only a limited number of trains exist.
This appearance of an MLI turnout indicator has once again ignited my interest in the NSWR "scattered aces". I have still not determined the origin for this signal.
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