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Re: Paighton South Level crossing

Unread postby Fast Line Floyd » Tue Jul 4, 2017 9:06 pm

Peter Gibbons wrote:
Fast Line Floyd wrote:
Ashley Hill wrote:Paignton South fringed with Exeter panel for a while until it was wastefully replaced by a new panel behind the booking office. The only view from it is the bus station.

Surely you mean Paignton North fringed with Exeter.

According to the SRS Signal Box Register Volume 1: Great Western, both boxes fringed with Exeter Panel but at different periods:

It shows that Paignton North signal box closed on 26th March 1988
Paignton South signal box was fitted with an IFS panel on 26th March 1988, so presumably controlled the North crossing via CCTV
Paignton South signal box itself closed on August 1989, presumably on or about 5th August 1989 because that is the date when a new mini panel was opened in the station buildings.

I stand corrected.
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Re: Paighton South Level crossing

Unread postby Mike Stone » Thu Sep 7, 2017 7:42 am

From a trip yesterday it appeared that the crossing is operated by traincrew on the steam railway and a "crossing keeper" for GWR trains.
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Re: Paighton South Level crossing

Unread postby Ashley Hill » Thu Sep 7, 2017 4:43 pm

The steam railway operate their own controls, usually the fireman, second man or shunter. On the NR side it is usually the guard of a DMU who operates it,the train then proceeds in and out of Goodrington DOO. However, the 0730 PAD-PGN has 2 guards from Exeter, one will operate the barriers the other dispatches the HST out of the station. For the 1000 from PAD a member of the platform staff from Newton Abbot operates the barriers to maintain their competence. This is because on summer Saturdays a member of their staff acts as crossing keeper here.
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