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Signal box candidates for holiday cottages?

Unread postby casual observer » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:01 pm

Hello Everyone, first time here.

The Landmark Trust is a building conservation charity making saved buildings available as holiday cottages so as to pay for their upkeep. It has just announced it is potentially after a signal box... ... or-future/

There is a picture of the late Ulceby Junction in this item, but they give no hint whether they have been looking at anywhere specific.
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Re: Signal box candidates for holiday cottages?

Unread postby John Webb » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:12 pm

Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for pointing that out - although your link didn't work for me. Try:

The article, looking at the future plans for the Trust, says in part:
Landmark Trust wrote:....We have identified some challenging categories of buildings that contain threatened yet inspirational pieces of Britain’s past that the nation is in danger of losing forever. These are the building types that often proliferate on the Buildings At Risk registers because they are the most ‘difficult’ to save.

These categories are:
• 20th-century military structures such as control towers or bunkers
• Small and significant industrial buildings
• Seaside and leisure buildings such as pavilions and villas
• Transport and communications structures like signal boxes and semaphore towers
• Remote and unchanged rural domestic houses and crofts
• Buildings whose restoration may contribute to urban regeneration, especially in the Midlands and Northern cities.

We firmly believe that such buildings can become enjoyable places to stay, and so be saved for the nation. We will always be interested in the kinds of buildings at risk with which the charity is more normally associated, such as follies or towers, but we are keen to see them joined by other building types.....
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